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If you are looking for an optometrist near Williamstown, look no further than Sanctuary Lakes Eyecare. Come and visit us in Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre for fashionable frames, comfortable contact lenses, and specialty eyewear options. We can also assist you with the management of a full range of eye conditions and diseases.

Myopia Control

If you or a family member lives with short-sightedness, you may wish to explore myopia control. This treatment focuses on reducing the progression of myopia in order to combat the associated risks. Myopic progression can be associated with an increased risk of developing ocular conditions as well as a reduction in the quality of your vision.

Our team can offer advice and treatment options that are tailored specifically to you.

Ortho-K Williamstown

One option we may recommend for myopia control is Ortho-K. Also known as orthokeratology, this treatment involves wearing specially made contact lenses every night while you sleep. This may reduce or prevent further myopia progression in children and adults.

For patients with myopia and astigmatism, Ortho-K also offers you the chance to enjoy clear vision throughout the day without wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses. Simply wear the Ortho-K lenses overnight to correct astigmatism and myopia, and remove them during the day for clear, unrestricted vision.

Sanctuary Lakes Eyecare offers Ortho-K near Williamstown, Point Cook, Werribee, and all surrounding suburbs.

Dry Eyes Williamstown

If you are irritated by the symptoms of dry eye disease, you are not alone. This common disease leads to itching, stinging, redness, dry or watery eyes, light sensitivity, and even fluctuating vision. For assistance with the management of dry eyes, Williamstown locals can find friendly and professional advice at our nearby practice. We offer a range of treatment options that are tailored to your needs.

For an appointment, call Sanctuary Lakes Eyecare on 03 9395 7530 or book online now.

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