Optometrists In Hoppers Crossing

The professional optometrists and optical dispensers at Sanctuary Lakes Eyecare are committed to making sure your eyes are as healthy as they can be.

To achieve this, we have invested in advanced testing equipment, allowing us to assist with refractive errors, eye conditions, eye diseases, and other concerns. If you require vision correction, our team can recommend contact lenses, in vogue spectacle frames, and other specialty eyewear options. We offer a 100% prescription warranty and two-year guarantees on all frames and lenses.

Located in Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, we are the conveniently positioned optometrists for Hoppers Crossing locals.

Myopia Control

To correct short-sightedness and reduce the risks associated with myopic progression, our team offers a range of options for myopia control. Hoppers Crossing locals can visit our practice, located less than 20 minutes away, to discuss the best course of action.

We may recommend orthokeratology, contact lenses or specialty spectacles, increased sunlight exposure, or several other myopia control options.

Ortho-K Hoppers Crossing

Orthokeratology is a glasses-free, surgery-free treatment for patients with myopia and astigmatism. It is also known as Ortho-K, Corneal Refractive Treatment, or overnight contact lenses.

By wearing specially made contact lenses while they sleep, Ortho-K patients can enjoy clearer vision during the day without needing contact lenses or prescription glasses. Suitable for children and adults, Ortho-K may also have long-term benefits for myopia control, slowing or halting myopic progression in some patients.

Dry Eyes Hoppers Crossing

While it is very common, dry eye disease can also result in a wide range of irritating symptoms such as burning, itching, and blurred vision. Our team can identify the cause of your dry eyes and offer a range of treatment options.

Book an appointment to discuss your eyecare and eyewear needs. From dry eyes to Ortho-K, Hoppers Crossing locals can visit us in the nearby Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre or call 03 9395 7530.

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