Being independent, we source lenses from leading international and local lens manufacturers, such as Hoya, Nikon, Essilor, Rodenstock, Carl Zeiss and CR surfacing.  We utilise their latest lens innovations. This way we can marry and recommend the most appropriate lens solution to your lifestyle needs.

We will not compromise on lens quality. As well as traditional Single Vision, Bifocals, and Progressive lenses, we offer a range of lenses more specifically suited to the office and classroom environment.

In today’s modern world, digital screen technology is part of daily life.  There are now many spectacles lens solutions especially developed to best suit these needs, to help relieve digital eye strain and allow us to more easily cope with modern demands.  Some other lens options we offer;

  • Extra durable anti-reflection lens coatings

  • Lens coating to specifically filter out high energy blue light from digital screens to reduce eyestrain and reduce the effect on disruptive sleep patterns.

  • Advanced Freeform Progressive lens designs- for easier adaptabaility, visual comfort and minimal distortion

  • Photochromatic lenses, including Transitions® which adapt to changing sunlight levels

  • Thin, lightweight plastic lens materials

  • Tough, chemical resistant lens materials

  • Polarised prescriptions sunglass lenses

  • Specialty lens designs for specific occupational needs