Our Fees

You are entitled to claim a medicare rebate for you forty minute comprehensive eye examination at Sanctuary Lakes Eyecare if eligible. We require full payment after the consultation and can immediately process your Medicare rebate claim in-store using the electronic Medicare Easy Claim System. Your rebate is paid directly into your nominated Eftpos account within hours.  Please ensure you bring your Eftpos card, with linked cheque or savings account for immediate processing.

From 1st January 2015, the Federal Government made significant changes to the Optometry Medicare Benefit schedule (MBS) which has significantly reduced the medicare rebates, as well as increased the time period between eligible periods for those under 65 years of age without a progressive visual condition.  To maintain our philosophy of the highest quality eyecare at regular intervals, there is now a small out of pocket fee (usually $15.00). Please see the table below for list of our services and fees or enquire with our friendly staff.  Our staff will also check your medicare eligibility for you before the eye examination.

Table of Fees Schedule

ServiceOptometry Australia 2023 Suggested FeeOur FeeMedicare Benefit rebateable
Initial consultation$139.54$77.45$62.45
Initial consultation outside of Medicare eligibility period$139.54$77.45$31.45
Visual Field Test$128.30$74.60$59.60
Subsequent consultation$89.82$46.45$31.45
Comprehensive Dry Eye and Tear Osmolarity Assessment$90
Corneal Topography$45$0
Ultra Wide Field Digital imaging$50$0
Optical Coherence Tomography$60-$80
(Dependant on scans required)
Other TreatmentsPricing advised prior to treatment
Retinal Photographs & Optical Coherence Tomography
(Dependant on scans required

Private Health Insurance

We welcome and accept all Private Health Insurance Funds and immediate in store claiming is available through HICAPS.  Private health funds may cover towards your required optical products, such as spectacles and contact lenses, but do not offer rebates on eye consultations and specialty testing fees.

Specialty Testing

Sometimes, our optometrists will recommend further testing in the best interests of your ocular health.  Some procedures, such as, Optical Coherence Tomography scans, Corneal Topography, Meibography and Retinal Imaging, are not yet rebateable from Medicare. Should any of these additional tests be required, our optometrists will inform you of the costs prior to proceeding.  Sometimes these tests need to be scheduled for a subsequent appointment.