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With the recent increase in COVID-19 numbers around metropolitan Melbourne and local Wyndham municipality area we are now in Stage 4 COVID-19 restricted services.

On the advice of Optometry Australia and the Victorian State Government, during the 5 day Stage-4 COVID-19 restrictions, from midnight 12 February to .

What do Level 4 Restrictions mean for you, our patients?

1. All routine examinations and treatments will be deferred.

2. Only emergency optometry and non-routine treatments will be provided during the period of the lockdowns.  We are open for any acute care or chronic management.

Emergency and non-routine care includes

  • Eye pain or discomfort
  • Recent changes in vision
  • New red eye signs or symptoms
  • Flashes of light or new floaters in your vision
  • Recent eye trauma or foreign body
  • New onset double vision
  • Broken glasses/contact lenses
  • Continued management of chronic eye/health problems including but not limited to glaucoma, macula degeneration, corneal degenerations, dry eyes and diabetes.

This is not a complete list of restricted conditions we are seeing and we are happy to discuss whether your eye issue meets the criteria by phone during business hours 03 93957530.  There may be some circumstances where a telehealth consultation is more appropriate and we have options available to facilitate this.

What to expect when visiting us:

  •  On arrival we ask that you remain at the reception counter and wait to be greeted. We have pink stickers with footsteps 1.5m from our staff and ask you to refrain from approaching closer than this.
  •  We will ask you some health questions and check your temperature with infrared thermometer prior to any examination.
  •  We will ask you to sanitise your hands when entering and exiting the practice
  •  We will limit the number of patients in the practice to no more than 8, whenever practicable. If there are more than 8 people in the practice at any time, we will ask you to wait outside the practice until the number of people inside the practice have reduced.
  •  We ask you to attend your appointment alone if possible or with one family member/carer if required
  • Our optometrists and staff will wear face masks at all times.
  •  All surfaces, equipment and frames will be thoroughly disinfected, using Optometry Australia, best practice protocols, between every patient and we will use single use instruments whenever possible.
  • All spectacle frames tried on are sanitised with a TGA approved COVID-19 disinfecting wipe and then placed in our UVC lamp steriliser for a 5 minute cycle.

This situation is constantly evolving and we will keep you informed of any further changes. We encourage you to stay at home if your needs are not essential, especially if you are over the age of seventy, are otherwise unwell or have other health conditions that could put you at an increased risk of severe disease if you were to contract the virus.

As a community we need to stay positive whilst heeding the directives of government authorities to ensure we do not need further periods of lockdowns and do our utmost to keep ourselves and our families healthy.