Gearing up for 2020: The year of good vision for life

Optometry Australia, the peak professional body for optometrists as well as Sanctuary Lakes Eyecare is rallying support behind the year 2020 and declaring it the Year of good vision for life.
We became optometrists because we genuinely care about the people we see. We want to help everyone who comes through our door experience healthy vision over a lifetime, so grabbing that well known term of 20/20 is really exciting for us. It’s truly essential to us to look after our community as best we can and we love that our independence gives us the freedom to do that.
Almost half of Australia’s population suffers from vision or eye-related health issues with evidence highlighting that 90 per cent of these issues are preventable or avoidable if detected early enough. Vision problems and eye disease can occur at any age which is why regular eye examinations with an optometrist are important. Raising consumer awareness about healthy vision in 2020 is very exciting.
This year, we are urging our local community to take advantage of our expertise so that they have great vision in 2020. Our job as eyewear experts is to recommend what will benefit you most and help you achieve the sharpest vision possible, and we take this job seriously. Whether you spend most of your time in front of digital screens or lead a very active lifestyle, or a mix of both, your vision is crucial to your quality of life.
Sanctuary Lakes Eyecare takes a holistic and extensive approach to an eye examination including advice on health, diet and lifestyle and the latest eyewear solutions for maintaining healthy eyes and vision. We has been operating in Point Cook for more than 15 years. The team has more than 115 years’experience and we are passionate about delivering the best possible eye care to the community.
The facts and figures in this release are sourced from research conducted by The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 201112 National Health Survey (NHS)