Innovative Danish designer frames that work with shapes, materials, colours and textures to compliment different facial structures and personalities. The designs are energetic and vibrant to reflect the modern man and woman.

ProDesign is devoted to understanding the face. This means – their focus is more on the synergy that arises between face and frame than on the frame design itself. Taking as their starting point facial knowledge, trends, innovation and a conceptual approach, they create eyewear that highlights the finest qualities of the face.

Prodesign uses the understanding of different facial shapes to design their frames. They use f.inst. photos as a mean in the creative design process - thus, strive to be the best at "facial compliance", making the design enhance the desired facial contours and enter into a harmonious whole.

But harmony is not everything, it is more about style and feeling good about oneself when you leave the shop. Consequently, the staff in the design department is composed of people with different angles, attitudes and perceptions ensuring that the innovative design process will flourish to support the continuous development of attractive designs.

With previous positions as watch designers, trendspotters and teachers at the school of architecture, the design team has the perfect approach for understanding the optical world and transforming this into a fashion and design context.