Carter Bond

Carter Bond is a brand that was a long time in the making, but well worth the wait. Created by Australian eyewear icon Jonathan Hennessy Sceats, it is inspired by industrial architecture and characterised by artistic wood finishes. The brand name, ‘Carter Bond’, is an entirely different story again…

“The name ‘Carter Bond’ comes from an amusing time,” iconic Australian eyewear designer Jono Hennessy says with a mischievous laugh. “I spent a lot of time in London in the 80s. Whenever my friends were planning a night out we’d talk about meeting up with Carter Bond – it was a signal that we were going to get into trouble. It was usually a really late night.”

The Carter Bond range is for Men and Women.  The frame ranges has  has a heavy use of wood looking acetate that’s laser cut and scratched in classical timeless shapes.